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Agriculture Insecticide

Go through the range of Agriculture Insecticide which assists farmers in producing more food with less land by protecting crops from pests, diseases, and weeds while also increasing productivity per hectare. This insecticide allows farmers to produce safe, high-quality food at a low cost. This insecticide is very effective to use. Agriculture Insecticide is currently available in a few ranges like Cypermethrin 25% E.C Cygale 25 Insecticide, Fipronil 5 Sc Insecticide, Eagaquin Quinalphos 25% EC, and much more. They also assist farmers in producing a variety of healthy, year-round meals that are essential for human health. They are very cost-effective to use.These Agriculture Insecticides disturbs the metabolism of the pests to kill them easily and safely. These water soluble granular insecticides are used in small quantity for getting effective results. In addition, they are compatible with all other insects. 

Benefits of Agriculture Insecticides:

  • Safe-to-use products for crops, environment and beneficial insects
  • Effectively controls leafhoppers, aphids, Jassids, white fly, and mealybugs for wide range of crops.
  • Maintain ecological balance and the soil health
  • Infect the insect on contact only without harming the crops


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